“This was so tranquil and relaxing that it was not just a facial. It was an event! And the results were astonishing.”

Noreen Greco
Hairstylist and avid golfer


“The facials live up to their promise. After 2 sessions, my skin was firmer, my jaw line was tighter, and the lines around my eyes and mouth were diminished and less noticeable. This is a fast way to achieve younger, firmer looking skin without the danger and expense of a surgical face lift. A big plus: it’s relaxing, too!”

Janolyn F. Moore, PhD ChT
President, Golden Energy, INC.
Co-Director, Golden Branch Wellness Center



“I am almost sixty years old, and have been doing regular facials of all types for 25 years. There is absolutely no comparison to the results and compliments I receive from micro-current facials, and I have done these exclusively now for four years. Susan’s knowledge, technique and advanced equipment make the visible results incomparable to any other facial. People think I am 10-15 years younger than I am, and I credit this to My Beautiful Bare Skin and micro-current facials. The results of these facials are cumulative, unlike steam and cream facials. Four years ago I was ready to consider a lower face lift, but I wanted to try one more thing before I went that route. After doing exhaustive research, I knew this technology was  worth a shot. I started out with two facials a week for four weeks. People I didn’t even know very well began making wonderful, unsolicited compliments! Now, I have a micro-current facial every three weeks, and the ‘learned’ facial lift in my facial muscles make surgery totally unnecessary. I don’t wear foundation any more because I don’t need it–my skin is tighter, pores are minimized, and fine lines appear only when I smile. I could not be more pleased with my results, and Susan and her expertise.”

Mary B. A.

“I have been going for 2 years now and plan on going the rest of my life….so you better never retire…..I love love these facials.  It enhances the elasticity and collagen triggering chemical reactions at the cellular level.  Susan Carlson is the best!  Thank you for taking such good care of me each and every time and making me look so good.”

Marta P.
Los Angeles, CA

“I did a microcurrent facial. I loved it, my skin loved it… I think it took about 12 years* off my face and I was SO relaxed. Unfortunately I don’t live in LA to do this regularly… if I did I’d be there. It’s worth every penny and Susan is a love.   (*Unfortunately it only lasted about a month, you have to do them regularly to really get the benefit that lasts a long time.)”

Rachel B.
New York, NY

“I loved Susan and my treatment was just divine!
I had never experienced micro currents before, and was given the treatment as a birthday gift from an awesome friend, so was not sure what to expect.
It was 90 minutes of total relaxation and pampering that felt wonderful as Susan worked on me, and looked fantastic when she finished. I have been glowing for days, and am thrilled with the results around my neck! I have never had problems with my skin, but it looks and feels so much smoother now and just looks healthier. Susan comes from such a great place and loves her work for all the right reasons, am looking forward to going back for more.”

Lily S.
Los Angeles, CA

“I was referred to Susan through my sister who had been seeing her for awhile. After only two facials I saw visible changes in my face. The dark circles under my eyes and the lines I am developing were already reduced. I turn 45 in a couple weeks and this is the best gift I could have given myself. Susan is very professional and very knowledgeable. I am a personal trainer and what a great fit for me to find someone I can recommend to my clients – as I help them to reduce their dress size Susan will reduce their stress lines – and much, much more! I plan to see her on a regular basis and look more like 30 something rather than 45 ish! :)”

Torri Anders, personal trainer



“Susan gave me a MicroCurrent facial that has ruined me for all other facials and spas. After just the first visit, I found that within one day my skin was tighter and smoother, and the wrinkles across my forehead looked much better. Amazing! I am in my early 40s and just starting to see rather dramatic changes in my skin and face that I am not at all happy about, so thank goodness I found Susan when I did! The first set of three treatments improved my looks so much, and my skin feels just lovely. I am very excited to continue on with these facials (it seems odd to call them that when they are so much more than even the best pricey facials offered elsewhere), and to see what happens next! The skin under my chin has tightened so much, which is a wonderful side effect that I never expected. It’s fun to hear people’s compliments about how I look happier and younger (they aren’t sure why). I live in the Bay Area, but will travel to LA again to get more facials with Susan. A few folks do microcurrent facials up here, but they use such simplified methods, and the results are nowhere near the ones that I got from Susan.”

Kaylin Green


“A quick confession first: I am a spa addict. I adore being massaged, kneaded and, sometimes, walked on. But even more than that I love facials. Especially the kind that involve technology. I am fascinated by led lights, pure oxygen masks (not really a ‘mask’) and now, microcurrents. I have had three facials by Susan, owner of My Beautiful Bare Skin, and the results are truly amazing. The microcurrent, a pleasant tingling, penetrates the top layer of skin tightening the collagen below. But that’s not all! Years of sun damage faded away, creases and fine lines were softened, if not entirely erased, and my entire face looks ‘lifted’. An additional positive side-effect is that I always sleep well and deeply after one of these facials. I love this machine! Susan also works on the neck and chest area, which, I feel, every facialist should but often ignores. It can be kinda creepy to see a nice smooth face floating atop a crepe, sunken neck.”

Abby Sherman




“Susan is absolutely amazing and she now has me hooked on the benefits of microcurrent facials. The approach is holistic and the results are incredible. I am 39 years old with a demanding sales job, weekly travel, and two small children, so stress has truly affected my skin health in my thirties. I have had Botox and juvederm over a year ago and I never really achieved the natural “lift” that I was looking for. After one session with Susan my eyes were lifted (I have droopy lids) and my face looked rejuvenated and refreshed. The results are cumulative (similar to going to the gym on a regular basis), and I have now had three sessions in the last month to really kick start the process. My eyes are more open, my cheeks lifted and chin looks tighter. One month and I really can see the difference. It’s as if Susan has taken at least 5 years off my face. This is a must try for anyone who is one the fence and has not tried the microcurrent facial. And Susan is both extremely knowledgeable and truly nurturing – she is the best!”

Christine Sarno

“I came to Susan from an esthetician who is not only well known in Beverly Hills, but world renowned. After seeing Susan for a few weeks, I returned to my ‘world renowned’ facialist to use up some pre paid treatments. This woman said that in three years of working on me, she had never seen my skin look so beautiful. She asked if I was cheating on her. I lied.”


Andrea Anders, actor


“Susan is AMAZING!!! So gentle and my skin has never looked better. It is such a treat to experience a facial I have never even heard of and see results to boot…Worth every second and penny!!!”

Jen Christopher, actor