Frequently Asked Questions

How do these micro-current treatments work?

Our bodies are electrical. Each of our cells is like a tiny battery and is measured in the microcurrent range. Areas of pain, pathology or aging cells are likened to a dead car battery. The cells do not take in nutrition properly and do not properly get rid of waste products. By recharging the cells, we are returning the cells to a normal, healthy state. It is perhaps the most NATURAL form of facial and body treatments because it simply puts back into the body that which was already there. Our microcurrent treatments also increase ATP concentrations in the tissue. ATP, adenosine-triphosphate, is a complex organic molecule which transports energy throughout the cells of the body. ATP stimulates amino acid and protein synthesis production, making your cells healthier and more energized.

Will the treatments hurt?

Absolutely not. These treatments are very comfortable and relaxing.

What happens during a micro-current facial?

The treatment begins with a relaxing ear clip treatment. The clips are placed on the ear lobes which contain the acupressure points to the face. The ear clip treatment puts you into an “alpha state,” giving you about two hours of “electro-sleep” in just 10 minutes. This also is the memory channel to the brain, thus helping your memory.
As the treatment continues, a plate is placed somewhere on your body where you may be experiencing pain or tightness. We also can plate an area, such as the bottom of your spine or right foot, for health. During the treatment, not only will your face and neck be treated, but also your area where the plate is located. The entire area from your face to your plate will be treated, enhancing the health of your body.
Treatments include lymphatic drainage, stimulating the muscles, fascia and connective tissue of the neck and face. In the Ultimate Lift Treatment, the nerves of the neck and face are also treated, stimulating all areas of the facial tissue. In the Deluxe Beverly Hills Signature Treatment and Ultimate Lift Treatment, time is spent on a specific area of the face in which you would like your face improved, such as eye lines, sagging neck, acne removal, etc. In closing, we hydrate your face, leaving you relaxed and glowing.

How many treatments will I need?

You may see a remarkable difference with just one treatment. To see major corrections on the face, however, it is recommended to receive six to twelve treatments consecutively.

How long do I have to wait to get a treatment after I’ve had Botox or Restalin?

You should always follow your Dr.’s instruction; however, it is safe to get a treatment approximately 2 weeks after these procedures. We will not treat the area where Botox has been applied up to four months of its application, but then we have more time to work on the rest of your neck and face. Fillers are no problem.

When will I see results?

You will see results immediately. However, consecutive treatments are recommended for major improvements.

Can I go out the same day after receiving a treatment?

Yes! Your face will be refreshed and glowing. For acne clients, your skin may be temporarily inflamed while the treatments work on your acne.

Am I required to do anything before or after my treatments?

Yes. Please drink plenty of water before and after your treatments. Also, it is best if you do not shower, exercise or get a massage until the next morning after your treatment. The treatments continue to work even after you leave.

Can you come to my home to give me a micro-current facial?

Yes, we will come to where you are and give you an excellent facial.

Does it work on wrinkles, sagging skin and brown spots?

Absolutely. That’s the reason for getting a microcurrent facial. We specifically target a problem area and recommend several consecutive treatments for best results.

How effective is a cellulite treatment?

Results vary. Consultation is recommended.

If I refer a client, do I get any discount?

Yes. If you refer one client, you will get 50% off a facial. If you refer two clients, you will get 100% off a facial.